1. Log-in to your account using your username and password (1).


2. You are then automatically transferred to User Home page were the number of the synopses allocated to you is displayed. Click on "# Active" (2) to see the list of the synopses.



3. Click on the title of the synopses (3) to go to the specific synopsis page.


4. In the synopsis page click on the code (4) of the manuscript to download/open the synopsis file.


5. Click on the Review form icon (5) to open the Review Page. Please note that all multiple choice and comments fields are required.


6. After filling-in all the fields click on "Save" (6) to save your review. You can return to make changes to your review even after saving it by clicking on the review form icon (5).


7. When you have completed your review click on the "Submit review to director" button (7). Please note that after submitting the review you can no longer edit it.


8. You are then redirected to the notification page (8) where you can inform the director that you have completed the review.


The review process is now completed!!!

Repeat the same steps for all the synopses that you are called to review.